3 Days Until Launch

#PortlandBound & #PortlandOrBust

It is the eve of my last day at Troxell Communications and I am excited to be freed. I will miss the people but it is time to forge my own path and create my own income that is free of a 9-5 schedule. I cannot wait for Monday to take off from this miserable desert and move to greener pastures, literally. It is funny how long it takes you to realize how important liking your town, your morning view and the air you breathe. Funny what getting your car destroyed can do for your thinking – the bus offers so much time to think…

Phoenix will always have a place in my heart but nothing happened according to plan and maybe that is the problem. Some amazing people I have met, but it’s sad to say, Phoenix seems to suck the humanity from people and leaves some people scathed, I swear. It is a breeding ground of distain, broken dreams, and unjust civil practices… Sometimes it is easier to replace something than to fix it and I have the feeling like I have overstayed my welcome somehow.

With about 1/3 of what I once owned and some funds I have pinched and saved, I will see what the City of Roses has to offer. Already offering more hiking, camping, greenery, and a moderate climate in the summer, I now see nothing I have owned can make me as happy as I am about to make myself. In less than one week, the ocean will be an hour away, snow covered peaks in the opposite direction two hours away, and a whole new city to explore, people to meet and adventures to be had.

Check back soon for some pleasant updates!!

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