5 Ways Your Car is Killing Everything

Owning a car allows you to get from A to B with little effort. Most people own one but some utilize transportation provided by their city. My girlfriend is one of those people who takes advantage of the latter. She’ll laugh at the phrase “takes advantage of” as taking the bus and using the Metro Lightrail is something she loathes to say the least. She takes the bus to and sometimes from work, if I cannot pick her up myself. It is a bit scarier at night and I hate to think what might happen so I make a point to pick her up. She is quite the nature-lover and believes highly in ideas like karma, and so the same belief in how we treat our Earth – put in good and get good back, be sustainable, end deforestation and so forth.. With all the recycling, reusing and reducing she does, I would hope she would see how much she does by using public transportation or something more pedestrian-powered when when she can. This post is to thank her, boost her idea of not having her own car at the moment, and so she can hopefully smile while she’s reading this while on the bus today headed to work. 🙂
I once read public transportation use is the biggest thing a person can do for the environment. Buying a car in fact is the most un-ecological thing a person can do I have found out. Here are a few staggering facts I have read up on recently:
  1. Noise pollution from interstates and highways. Yep, let’s just talk that one up first so it doesn’t seem like I am grabbing for straws later on. It is an ambiance issue for one. Secondly, home values are decreased. Think about how hypocritical it is when you go to purchase a home, you don’t want it next to the highway YOU USE everyday.
  2. Building and manufacturing a car uses resources and emissions as much as the car will itself in it’s lifespan. Steel smelting, paint manufacturing, welding materialsm overseas shipping, transport car to dealerships, etc. Even this infographic can show the staggering logistics involved in raw material handling to produce vehicles.
  3. Fuel emission from the car. ‘Nough said – excess carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) collects in atmosphere, Greenhouse Effect (a proven scientific principle) increases in intensity, we all get killer sunburns, etc. Unless your one of those selfish and ignorant paid politicians with stock in oil and such, this is a concept that is widely known and accepted by the people electing you into office. But, even us non-politician’s will still turn our cars on tomorrow. I will… I’m such an ass…
  4. Disposing of cars and landfill space consumption are skyrocketing. Check this out: the average car lasts 13 years, a 2013 study showing that 15.6 million cars new cars were purchased in America that year, and an average vehicle weighs about 4,000 lbs. This means I will see, from today till I die, another 93.6 TONS of cars, trucks and SUVs. Hit the landfill. I haven’t even factor RVs, Motorcycles, a second/family car or the fact an F-150, America’s #1 selling truck for sometime now, weighs closer to 5,800 lbs… That’s a lot of waste over something designed to consume fuel anyway.
  5. Freon from high AC use is another huge issue. In Phoenix, A/C in a car is a must!! Each car on the freeway is a little 70degree bubble eating freon like crazy. 3.8 million cars hit our street a day alone in the Phoenix Metro Area. Here is a great resource from the EPA on protecting the ozone in respect to your A/C system.
It’s easy to look at the time saved from the use of your own car in place of public transportation. There are only 24 hours in a day and we have to make the best use of them I realize. Since I have elected to write more, read more and learn to relax and not rush as my three New Year’s Resolutions, I am now looking at how I can utilize the use of buses can allow more time for reading, writing, and of course taking things a bit lighter. I’d be nice to know I prolonged this eminent disaster which scarily resembles the movie Idiocracy… Hopefully I can find some real evidence that my little steps are making big impacts! Look for more to come soon!

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