5 Websites and Apps You Did Not Realize Are Actually Social Networks

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While being known for many things both positive and those things considered “the other side of the tracks”, Craigslist is a very simple social media platform. Being more product-based in sales, a growing sector of service-related businesses and individuals is finding themselves more business through the use of Craigslist. It may be due to Craiglist’s high number of search rankings that occur daily, but it is a great place to get your name out no matter what you sell.


My favorite off-beat network of them all, and where I meet others into my same taste in music. Whether a recording artist yourself or a self-proclaimed playlist mix master, Spotify will have all the connectivity you are looking for. Whether just wanting to send you buddy that song you could not think of at the time, a love song list for significant other or share a collection of songs from your favorite artist, Spotify makes it easy. It comes equipped with sharing buttons as well as it’s own interface for networking inside the application itself (desktop version).SpotifyUseAcct


I prefer Pocket as a read-it-later service myself. If you have a large group friend and colleagues that use it however, it is a great social network for intellectual thought. If you are an avid reader and like to share and be part of a more well-read crowd, Instapaper is for you. It offers a variety of fonts and and a great interface. After ditching it’s paid iOS and Android apps and instead offering a paid subscription service, it offers a much larger audience to share your articles with. Who really has $2.99 for an app offering not much more than my Pocket app. It does however use a proprietary algorithm in it’s article syndication called InstaRank, which orders your stream by chronologically for up-to-date info, by popularity to see what’s hot or by length if you need a quick read in line at the grocery store.


upper-left hand corner of any WordPress site, or when logged into your admin dashboard

Yep, if you actually log-in to Wordress.org and create a free account (for you non-bloggers who are not on it yet), you will now see when logged on across all WordPress blogs a social dash bar and be able to connect with those writers. You can even simply reblog what others have written to help share others’ content with your audience – something all bloggers love!  Also, with the myriad of social plug-ins that come with a WordPress.com site (paid version) you can hone your current social audience and help cross-pollinate your networks with a platform that was designed to deliver original content. With one-click themes to top it all off, the ability to make a responsive website that is mobile device ready is really just too easywith WordPress.


Great place to get stock photos too! If you are into art, and art that is a bit… outlandish, this site is great to browse. This site was the birthing idea of Pinterest, I swear. Just as you can spend hours pinning, DeviantArt has a plethora of images to click and from there, see related pics for further delving into.  Even if you are just an art enthusiast, you can still collect and give credit to the original authors. As I said in the beginning, if you are looking to spruce up a post with an eye-catching, Deviant art has what you are looking for.

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