A Simple Life, Now That’s an Oregon Life

I took a walk yesterday evening and got lost I will admit. While finding my way back, I happen to gaze upon how gorgeous my neighborhood was so I thought I would take a morning walk when I woke up and capture some of what Aloha, Oregon has to offer the eye – an eye for beauty and nature that is.


A Morning Stroll

I begin by taking a walk thru Butternut Park where there is a quiet little bridge. You can hear the chirping of a dozen types of birds, the kerplunk of frogs jumping to hide from me and the buzz of bees and insects munching the nectar from the flowers.

Butternut Creek
Butternut Creek
A bridge over Butternut Creek
A bridge over Butternut Creek
Right off the creek were these beauties
A close-up of the same flowers

A panoramic portrait of a 180 ft pine tree. They line the street west of my place

Before taking a walk up the hill I start down a street lined with 180 foot (eyeball estimate) trees that shade the morning sun from the houses on the west side of the street. You can see in the picture of how tall they are. You can begin to see the tree above me due to it being a panoramic picture! Quite breath-taking to think they are right on the sidewalk, yards from homes. The richer soil here roots them well, which is not something most Arizonians can enjoy being the soil there is rocky and too dense for good root structure to hold them up in a gail force wind. The trunks must be some 10-12 feet in circumference, easily!

A Slice of Paradise

You can see many homes are built behind homes lining the street. Everyone doing what they can to get to the crannies in the hills of the small town. Nothing is crammed per say, but tucked and hidden away.


Some homes have large yards that cover the entryway and give a sense of open farmland, of which a vast majority of the town is made of. Having a tropical name like Aloha (pronounced “uh-lo-uh” by local residents) is still very befitting as it is still a paradise away from the valley I have traveled from. The air smells dewey and the humidity level still gives that Hawaiian feel to it. Seeing wineries, berry fields, fruit stands and farmer’s markets are just my kind of thing I guess so it offers a good social paradigm. I believe I will be enjoying my new home for quite some time I can tell!

Remember, Nature is a Force

Overgrowth spilling into the streets

“No Outlet” is barely visible here on what is Southview Street
Flowers, plants, vines and bushes just over runs the town. Each resident is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of growth that might impair driving, so everything must be trimmed regularly. Right along side of the large recycle bin and a smaller trash bin, is a yard trimming bin that is picked up every Monday just like any other garbage day. You can see the foliage just running rampant in the little town of Aloha. It is something to see actually as it makes each home and yard unique and valuable in it’s own way.

An “All for One and One for All” Community

Here are some pictures of a sign for free lunch offered to children ages 1-18 for the summer, while school is out. Just because school is out does not mean parents have the summer off too. Latchkey kids with a place to get a meal – now that is small town living!



The tap water here is amazing too! Right out of the kitchen sink flows clean, cold, fresh tasting water. Better than any Dasani or Aquafina brand – Aloha could seriously create it’s own and sell it! Pesticides and fertilizers are band and every couple blocks you find a preserved patch of land used to filter runoff naturally through the natural water table. Personal wells are common in residences as well as the the city of Beaverton supplies the Aloha area with water right from the ground.


Just Some Incredible Pictures

here are just some random pictures that deserved to be posted, but no words could really sum up anything here 🙂 Enjoy and stay tuned!!


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