Anatomy of a Tweet

A tweet is something special. It’s a bit more than just a sentence. What can start off as a confining 140 characters can turn into something totally amazing and sharable beyond what you believed possible. It starts with understanding what a tweet is made up of to take full advantage of it I believe so I wanted to break it down for those new to Twitter, or maybe not catching on. I am referring to mostly to tweets with a purpose of content marketing behind it. Celebrities tweeting do not count here, I am talking about the Average Joe.

Here are the 4 things you can expect to find in the most successful tweets:

  1. Purpose
  2. Emotion
  3. Hashtags
  4. A Link

Without a solid purpose, you’re tweet won’t go far, and by far I mean getting retweeted or favorited by others. Employers and clients have asked for ages as I consult them why I do what I do or how I avoid PR issues. I, to this day, rule my social engagement by the T.H.I.N.K. Principle. Is your message timely, honest, inspiring, necessary and kind? If you can say yes to those five questions, your good to go. Purpose is behind all of that with “necessity” being more than just one integral part of the principle. Writing what you know is a great place to start.

Behind everything a human does, there is emotion ruling the decision. Fear, envy, curiousity and even joy spur the actions we do. From haiku poems and romance novels to murder mystery mini-series’ and horror flicks, people like to feel emotions. Our emotions show through and we experience them through the content we experience. Tugging on one or more will ensure it’s a success. Comedy is a great place to start, such as this simple tweet.

Hashtags and hashtagging deserve a post of their own, maybe even a whole series. To begin though, a hashtag is an idea. I help many people get started on Twitter Take this tweet I posted for example:

The hashtag in this instance focuses on “tweets” It keeps the conversation afloat when someone can search by that tag. If I had not have used it, the only to find it would have been following me or randomly came across my page due to a fellow Twitter profile we share in common in those we follow. It’s not a high volume hashtag, meaning it gets a lot of traffic.However it is “evergreen” meaning it will never go out of style. Being on Twitter the possibility of someone ever wanting to search for #tweets they can find that tweet I posted in March 2015.

Twitter is sort of the start of a conversation. The opening line or in most case, the title. The purpose of most tweets is to entice an action. Somewhere in most tweets, that have the purposes of marketing something or someone, you’ll find a link or hyperlink. The link is the gateway to a landing page. This page can be a larger piece of content such as a blog post or article or maybe a larger piece like a case study, an expert whitepaper or a clever infographic, like this one.

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