Products This Dad Did Not Regret Buying For His Baby Girl

I see many dads not taking enough research into their soon-to-be-here baby. The products and accessories you will soon use every day will astound you, so study up! Many mom blogs are filled with things that made mom’s life easier, but what about that dad that didn’t have much say? He is now utilizing products he may question or hate cause he didn’t research it enough. Well dude, here’s your list of things to get that will make your job easier too.

Honest Company Diapers

Honest Company diapers and wipes

Boys love Jessica Alba, and dads love her diapers (and when she was in Into The Blue as well). These chemical-free diapers and wipes you can feel safe using on your child’s skin. With delivery to your door and a schedule you can customize at your will, you never have to pick up diapers or run out, if you plan right. There is an app to help you of course.  They have fun designs and patterns of all kinds you can choose from; I like the spaceship, skull & crossbones, elephant design ones myself. Honest also makes formula as well that can add to your order. They are cheaper than most store-bought brand name diapers too, so it’s the smartest decision made in our parenting thus far. It makes diaper time actually fun time when it is economical, easy, and playful.

Use our referral code, by all means! 🙂

Eddie Bauer Easy Access Duffel Diaper Bag

My Eddie Bauer diaper duffle bag
Having a baby girl, I wanted to carry something colored more for me than her. It might be for the baby but know that it is yours. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be more than a duffel bag either. It has a pouch for easy access to wipes (which Honest Company delivers me 10-packs for) and the other end is an insulated pack for two large bottles. It holds my MacBook, plenty of diapers and baby supplies, has inside pockets and 4 outside. Two pockets, one for her binky and Jiffy (her stuffed giraffe) and another for my stuff. It’s actually the closest thing to a purse and it’s great, okay! I said it. The bag holds my money clip and iPhone, pocket change, a knife for all occasions, and any important paperwork. My pockets are typically empty these days and love the freedom from “things” in them. I’ll need a weening into another man-purse for sure from how much I need it now.

By the way, this duffel diaper bag is only available through Target, not the Eddie Bauer website.


IMG_1394I could care less what pattern it has, though I have found a cool cover with matching Bumbo cover, this C-shaped pillow is a life-saver. 99% rating to amongst reviewing parents too; no-brainer on this one! First, it was used as an armrest for bottle feeding. That feeding every few hours after carrying a baby and wearing your arms out carrying a newborn everywhere. I also use it as a head and neck rest while napping with my baby! Next, it has a use as a prop to rest her on for tummy time! Makes it a much better time when you’re not face-on-the-floor frustrated with trying to look around and learn some basic motor skills.

City Mini Baby Jogger

With an infant, you need to get a universal infant carrier attachment, but the 3-wheeler outperforms a 4-wheeled stroller in my book. In (almost) all-terrain hikes around Portland to plowing through crowds downtown, I have loved how it holds up. It has a both front-wheel and a rear-axle lock, large stow basket underneath and weighs  Also sold separately, there is a parent console for your drink and a bottle, and zipping pouch and pocket for keys, smartphone, etc.

I did the smart thing and picked all this up secondhand after some shopping around, but the brand certainly is worth the price if you want and can afford a new setup for yourself.

As for the infant carrier, we got an Evenflo Embrace which fits the jogger just fine with the attachment.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

EB-canisters-no-bkgrSure, there will be much debate and testing with your baby and your decision in what you feed them. Earth’s Best Organic is the stuff we chose. We tried Honest Company for the convenience, Enfamil and Similac for the price. In the end, Caroline’s diet was particular to Earth’s Best Organic. In particular, the “stuff in the purple can”, as I say, that is for gas and fussiness. My baby is farty and burpy, what can I say!?

In all seriousness, it really made the difference in my baby’s temperament, making her less upset with gas and tummy aches. Being unable to calm your new baby is quite disheartening and you soon find it is all in the diet. What they are able to digest properly in their new, tiny little stomach is not much. The things you learn!

Books, Books and More Books!!

Reading is a favorite activity for my baby! She loves story time and the animated way I read to her. 🙂

Here are a few fun titles I recommend and some Amazon links to them. Noted you can pick up board book versions along with Kindle, hardcover, and paperback:

  • The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat. A martial arts reboot of the famous children’s tale. With little inserts of ninja humor, female heroine and lesson about perseverance I can really enjoy reading it to my daughter for the next 1,000 bedtimes to come.
  • Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin and pictures by Betsy Lewin. A colorful story about Farmer Brown’s demanding cows who can type and go on strike. They withhold milk and along the way get the whole barnyard in on their scheme leading into other books like Giggle, Giggle, Quack.
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. The inspiring story of Gerald the giraffe finding his own style of dance that amazes the once doubting animals at the annual Jungle Dance. Another tale that shows that everyone has their own groove and to become an individual rather than trying to fit in.
  • Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle. A story about a girl names Monica who asks her father to get the moon for her. He imaginatively gets a ridiculously tall ladder out, props it on a high mountain, climbs up, and snags it for her. A short little read but has fold-outs to really add to the surrealism of climbing a ladder into the sky to grab the moon. Just plain cute!
  • The Hungry Little Caterpillar also by Eric Carle. Fun story that helps with count skills. This little caterpillar sure can eat as he devours one , two , three , and so on. It all leads to a huge tummy ache of course, but a sort of an ironic tale to read after your baby puts down a few ounces herself! It is an ole’ Anderson “hollow leg” past down in my family. A sort of tall tale of sorts, no pun at my tall baby!


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