Essential Deftones: Resource Guide

I was born into my existence of being a Deftones fan in the shotgun seat of my friend’s Eddie Bauer® Edition Ford Bronco. I still remember the duck embroidery, wood trim, and cabin string lighting in it…. smell of musty camping gear and odor from sweaty work boots since it was his father’s former jalopy. The track he blew me away with was Korea from the White Pony album. He strictly put on the track to point out the bridge to the interlude, which to this day is still a pretty epic riff in my music database. We continued to sample the whole CD and I quickly fell in love with Elite and Feiticeira, which are my 4th and 1st favorite Deftones songs currently (yes, I said I am die-hard and true fans of any band should have a current ‘top list’). The overall heavy chord progression and drum lines are one thing but the ear-jarring squawks transitioning into melodic harmonies from Chino’s vocal chords set a milestone that resonates in me to this day with any Deftones’ album. I have found this clip of Engine No. 9 that illustrates very well the tonality I am trying to describe. It is indescribable however… like the song Fireal… what the hell is that song!?!?! Two-songs-in-one first of all, and then a dismal beginning with a chanting outro that is truly one of those songs you find on an album and you knew they placed it on there with intent, but I digress…

Somewhere between thug rap, metal, and 90’s alternative exists the Deftones and that is what drew me in as someone escaping their parent’s country influence and curious of the things older kids were listening to like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Metallica and even Korn and Limp Bizkit who were really blowing up at the time. Korn, who I was enraptured with at that age, was actually the band that got the Deftones their start, so running into them was destined in the stars, I kid you not! I also had a draw to older jazz, 50’s rock my dad had still listened to time and again, and even the likes of Duran Duran, The Cars, The Cure and other 80’s bands that had also influenced the band or at least Chino that I have heard.

Deftones Guide

Whether you had never heard of them or are a fellow die-hard fan, I have compiled a Spotify playlist of my favorite Deftones’ songs (also located on the far right-hand sidebar of my website on any page!) that I hope you’ll check out. It’s a list that comprises all my favorite songs from the debut album Adrenaline to-date in chronological order. Wish they carried Linus, but alas Spotify does not get that deep in EPs. It is a working list for sure, so don’t be surprised to see updates of added and deleted songs. Be sure to follow them on tour or while recording their next great album on Facebook, their official Twitter account, or I personally like the Instagram page the most. Their official website has the best apparel the soonest, before those knock-off sites, the 2015 stuff is really cool, including this sick all over pony bandana. A member-only fanpage I am also a part of called Deftones Revolucion has discussions, fun posts, collections of other fan pics and moments, and even a Deftones fan dating forum to find that true love match that can listen day in and day out with you, go to concerts, and love collecting the memorabilia. Maybe you can tell them about my playlist and you two can listen together! 🙂

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  1. The 1st time I saw them was at Ozz-Fest in like 1997-98. Didn’t like them it just sounded like distorted noise. Then I saw them open for Icubus at this little intimate venue in Sunrise Florida and they have been one of my top favorite bands since. After seeing them numerous times I will be seeing them Aug 14th open for Incubus. Hope they play some new stuff

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