Jack Skellington: A Role Model for the Alternative and Millennial Generation

Just about every girl in my generation has a love for the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. I was never much for Disney films, but my girlfriend Cassie had me sit through it, and I won’t be the first to say this, but that Jack Skellington is quite the cool dude! He carries himself well and is truly the kind of guy one should strive to be like. Especially one like me who is abound for a change and loves a new challenge with some adventure mixed in such as myself. I love the darker side of things and he truly is a standup guy underneath the terror.


I think the generation of today can take a lot from trying to emulate the life of the Great Pumpkin King. It is not one certain thing that makes a man, but a series of decisions and ideals. Code of conduct and the way we treat others makes us who we are. I think Jack exemplifies what it takes to be your personal best and he makes a great role model in a world where so few gentlemen now live.

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” – George Washington


First, I love his dapper dress attire and that is really the first thing one notices. Give me a full-blown coated 3-piece suit and I’ll “put it on”. The bat tie also gives you a point about his erie personal fashion sense. I am more for casual attire but his whole persona put on by the Beetlejuice-esque pant and coat set, his tall height above his entourage  and whole demeanor are exquisitely inspiring. He has a charge in his step and a mysteriousness about him that woman crave and men are beta to. He is the “it” man without being high on himself.




He is a very well-known person and certainly the “who’s who” in all of Halloween Town. Even elected officials, like the Mayor, must seek his approval. He is very much Bruce Wayne in the sense that he is the town scholar and the one you simply must visit with during your stay in Halloween Town. I imagine he gets top notch service, is allowed tabs at “absolutely no tab” bars, and has a seat reserved, on-deck, at all times in the quiet back where he can escort his date for a terrifying evening over a vile and disgusting meal. Despite that macabre scene (which I personally love and other Tim Burton fan can agree) Jack shows us that being ones personal best, even if it is being the most terrifying of all the monsters, makes you someone others swarm to.

“It is not titles that make men illustrious, but men who make titles illustrious.” – Machievelli

Him and I share the same inquisitive nature always looking for more.”What’s this? What’s this?” He is not satisfied with the way things are. He seeks more from his life and pines for something different. Dreams and ambitions are attractive traits no matter who you are. I wish to be more like him in life; question things and not being satisfied with the norm. He is a crazy, mad scientist and a wise philosopher who speaks with poise and purpose.

He does everything with such integrity or at least  with good intentions. He didn’t mean to ruin Christmas Town’s Christmas morning. He was simply giving “Sandy Claws” (which we know is Santa Claus) a break. While he was doing it for his own purpose of finding a better meaning or something more to his life,  it was built on the best intentions. What he does show however, is that he can execute a plan with complete follow-through and that is what makes him a good character. He wants to be helpful and that is admirable in many notable historical figures before him.

free_request__jack_and_sally_by_invaderwolfgirl-d4632yiHe gets the girl... He is the hero, so he better, am I right? In the end, we all have the inner motive to love and be loved and to see the story end with them together is what feel good movies are all about. The love story that one can imagine a tortured Frankenstein ragdoll creation and a reborn Pumpkin King can have is poetically and literally eternal.


He’s a dozero_e_jack_skeletron_by_sf_artist-d8l1hc7g lover and that says much, to me at least, about his character. I love dogs too, and did you happen to see any other dogs in Halloween Town?! Not a single dog, neither dead, alive nor in between worlds was present other than the lovable Zero. Just another trait the ladies see in Jack that makes him quite the catch. He has a companion who unconditionally loves him and even the Great Pumpkin King needs a companion by his side helping on those hard days every dog owner knows too well.



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