Link Building Services

In 2017, strategic link acquisition is the one competitive advantage an organic SEO campaign can have over another.

Even after 4 releases of the Penguin algorithm, links still are the main factor that helps Google determine which page ranks.

You can only optimize title tags so much, and “good content” is really not able to be measured, by today’s machine learning standards (likely in the works for the future of Google!). Search engines still need some kind of signal that helps determine popularity of one page of a similar topic over another.

Links are this signal.

Don’t just take it from me…

Here is a video that covers in detail the top 3 ranking factors as discussed with Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, and renowned SEO experts Eric Enge, Rand Fishkin, Ammon Johns, and Bill Slawski.

More on all that:

Original Google Q&A in March 2015 that talks about the Google ranking factors

Search Engine Lands’ coverage on the topic, plus more information on the RankBrain algorithm

Renowned link building expert, Brian Dean, and his ever-growing list of Google’s alleged search ranking factors

The point of all this is, links are still very much a factor to ranking well for any website, in any niche. It just comes down to volume and velocity at which your site gains links.

…so, why are many companies not link building if this is the key?

It is hard, it takes manual effort, not automation, like so many new digital marketing tactics these days, and not many people know how to do it (well).

My link building service is what makes the difference in my SEO campaigns. I can help you define your link building objectives, identify your most profitable audiences & influencers that align with your business.

Read more about my search engine optimization services methodology.

Link Building Services

Content Marketing – Blogging & Writing

The backbone of the best SMB link building campaigns is the expert written and niche content that attracts links. Working with my writer, we can help to develop content that will win with your audience and with blogger who will link to you. Also having access to a number of freelancer experts ensures you get the best content for your business.

Digital PR

With background working with bloggers, publishers, journalists & influencers in various industries. I will help develop a PR strategy for your business that work to attract links, as well as increase brand recognition offline.

Niche Blogger Outreach

Having a great list of contacts for quick links only goes so far. My custom outreach will help me develop close relationships with more journalists & bloggers to ensure the largest competitive advantage possible. In the link game, it is quality links but having more of the best links will only strengthen your websites rankings. Custom link building helps diversify your link profile making any duplication from a competitor extremely difficult.

Link Bait – Infographics & Interactive Content

Using creative content and social promotion (which requires pre-existing social media profiles), we can explode the linked mention to your website. Coupled with outreach, this is one of the most effective ways to secure links to your website.

Local Citations & Niche Directories

Much of local SEO is ruled by a user’s location when performing a Google Search. The one aspect you can control is the number of times reputable directories and citation websites mention your brand and link to you. With a list or general websites to mention you, as well as a collection of sites I have amassed through the years, getting mentioned by the most reputable and niche websites is easy. All work is submitted 100% manually; no data aggregation used.

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