4 Reasons My Valentine is Better than Yours

For Valentine’s Day I have to spend the afternoon with out my girlfriend who is my Valentine’s this year. Some may say it is by default so I thought I would write her something that maybe would express how much she meant to me. She’s at work and I know she really doesn’t want to be, so hopefully this brightens her day. Here’s to you Cassie Rose Marie Foster! Love you babe, have a wonderful day and I will see you tonight!

She is My Muse

She is there to inspire ask questions that make me think. pushes me and never holds me back. More importantly, she won’t let things hold me back either. She knows I am a bit of a careless dreamer and let’s me do my thing in that respect. I am not always the most attentive person but she knows that it is my deep thoughts that keep me busy. She kindles that that imagination in me so I am glad she is not hard on me for having an engineering mind that doesn’t quit, she brings it out of me. She is Greek too, making this olive skinned beauty a true mu’sa!

She is my task master

Behind every great man is a woman that is keeping it all together for him; and she loves the role. When I am up late with ideas, writing, pacing and brainstorming, she is one to say it’s time to put it down. She pushes me out of bed when If it weren’t for her I would be terribly burnt out. She says when its time to eat, has things in mind or has things prepared. I’d (still) have terrible eating habits, missing breakfast, have an unhealthy bagged and nuked lunch followed by a late dinner consisting of what is open at 11pm.

She is very understanding and fair

She gives what she gets in return and more, so a bit more than fair let’s say. She knows I have a bit more financially on my plate and helps me make the ends meet at the end of the month. She makes her own money and spends it wisely and on me where I dote her as well. We are a Dynamic Duo, to say the least, and together we know we are better moving in the same direction instead of against each other’s currents. No one likes to be taken advantage of and she understands that “teamwork makes the dream work.”

She is my health living guide

She is a licensed massage therapist by profession but she is more of a “Renassaince Woman” in health and wellness. She is my dietician as I sort of mentioned. She knows what I like and what is healthy. She keep strawberries, oranges, trail mix, granola and other things around since I will eat those and they are good source of nutrition. She is my esthetician having used essential oils like coconut oil and tea tree to clear up body acne. She is respitory therapist reminding me always that my smoking habit is not advised. She basically keeps the old RyGuy functioning properly! She is the body mechanic I need; I am sure I would not be at nearly the level of health I am at if she did not take concern for my mind and body. She wants to keep me around a while I think.

So I have to ask, “Does your Valentine stack up, punk?

Do they inspire and push you, enjoy your company and worship you to death? Mine does and there is much more than I could say about her. Somethings are best left unspoken and transversed in a smile, a hug or maybe a kiss. I hope that everyone finds this Valentine in their life and that this post serves as a guide on what someone special should be measured by. If you’d like to catch up on what my girl is doing from time to time, you can visit her blog here where she shares green living tips, health and wellness advice and all things peace, love and rock n’ roll. 🙂

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