Oregon or Bust

So I am moving to Portland, Oregon! To a quaint little Suburb called Aloha (Not like the Samoan greeting/salutation, but pronounced “ah-lo-uh”) on the west side of town toward the outskirts of the metro center. It has been a long sought after place of mine to live at some point. Having grown up in the Black Hills of South Dakota doesn’t make it to far of a stretch climate-wise.

whitestag2576You can tell by the burl of my beard that in the mountains amongst nature both fauna and flora was where I was meant to roam. To breathe the moist, woodland air, to see snow-capped Mt. Hood in the distance, and finally eat a Voodoo Donut of which I mysteriously have a shirt from but have never been to. I cannot hardly wait to stand in line for 30 minutes and eat one while wearing it! Here are answers to some of the common questions I am being asked so I hope this clarifies it and gives you a good update on where I am and how things are going.

Woah, where did this come from Ryan?!

Many of my close friends know, but not all I suppose, that I was involved in a car accident on April 2nd. I have been looking to get a vehicle but have been waiting for it all to legally work out… these things take time apparently. Life, as you know it, does not stop or cannot for me at least. Hiccups that disrupt your job, life and family for a long period are not tolerated in the adult world. I have moved closer to my employer to walk and take use of short-term public transit. In that time of walking and riding busses, it certainly does give you time to read more, write more both creatively and purposefully, maintain that inbox zero, and do some deep thinking. The kind of thinking that leads to you to wonder if you might be happier elsewhere. How almost 6 good years trying to make Phoenix work hasn’t led to much and that age 30 is a good time to take the knowledge I have gained here and forge a new stomping ground.

Littlefoot, as he ponders his purpose in life and the mission to reach the unknown and sacred Great Valley that was foretold by his ancestors
Littlefoot, as he ponders his purpose in life and the mission to reach the unknown and sacred Great Valley that was foretold by his ancestors

Heading to Portland reminds me of Littlefoot and the Land Before Time gang as they head for the “Great Valley”. A destination said to be the most beautiful and perfect place in all the dinosaur world.  A land of opportunity with all the food a generations of dinosaur to come could ever need, free of all “Sharptooths” and other predators. Like a vision in the rain collecting on my Treestar… I believe Portland may be my Great Valley and I am packing my Treestar, my crew and heading out!

Seems as though star aligned somewhere, because the overall opportunity presents itself in a good light.

How are you getting there?

Right… I have no car! It has left me with having to sell much of what I own to get into a vehicle right away. With the chance to relieve myself of much of the belongings I have collected over the years (those really unnecessary and truly only serving a materialistic purpose) comes the opportunity to relocate. Moving is costly but when you share the ride with your lady and a friend of hers that happens to be Portland bound as well, the possibility is more of a reality now. Not often you can just happen to reduce your moving costs to a third of their normal cost and have very little to compromise on it. In fact, it should leave me enough funds to breathe a bit, find the best employment and not just the first opportunity, and even do some hiking and blogging that I have been meaning to do. To help with getting a new ride, cars are also less expensive in Oregon than in Arizona due to the lack of sales tax and other financial factors. I dream of owning a 4×4 pickup, and they are relatively more moderately priced in the Pacific Northwest where they maybe be found more of a necessity than a recreational vehicle as defined by AZDOT. I have a mode of transportation awaiting me anyway as Cassie’s wonderful mother is lending us a vehicle to get by on when we land; this is largely the biggest help (thanks again P.M. Reardon!!)  This will get Cass and I by on getting employed, getting socially grounded, and able to plan our finances and discover our “needs” in a vehicle rather than hastily get into just any vehicle.

Transportation awaits here or there after the sale of most of my belongings. Might as well relocate and change my scenery I figure.

Well, what about work?

Good question! I would love to continue the career with Troxell Communications and move to an Account Executive position in the Portland area. Given it is a saturated sales territory and no room for a salesperson nor a new remote position in the same department I am in, we are mutually parting ways. They are being very supportive however and I very much would love to leave with good reference so there may be a possibility of re-hire later on as well as a great reference for where I am going. Sales was not a goal career for me anyway, so we may be saving both our hides moving to account management anyway. I have done well in my sales career to-date: having maintained high-level client accounts, doing new aggressive business development, making improvements in sales departments and work flow processes, being part of startup successes and ribbon cuttings and have even done some digital marketing consulting! I have been looking for some time to make a solid career in marketing and I plan to highlight those achievements more and hardly mention typical sales key performance indicators, and they only seem to shoot me in the foot upon an interview. While doing great things in sales has led to great understandings about consumer behavior, targeted messaging in creating content, understanding of buyer cycles and so on, no one notices that connection upon review for marketing positions. manifesto-focusSomehow or another, I am going to do just fine. I know it; you cannot spell “failure” using the letters from my name, nor “washed up”, “has been” nor “cannot” and that is enough logic for me. I may just use the time between employers to hike more, enjoy a pleasant Oregon summer, blog about my experiences to come, and maybe forge a new path I am not yet able to right about.

With job in the air and family’s leading me to take the advice to have solid employment plan, I cannot help but listen to the words of other great innovators, business people, entrepreneurs, and other people younger than me having far greater successes. I think I want to let my skills find a serendipitous purpose and let the wind carry me aloft to where ever it pleases. The post is call “Portland or Bust”, right?

What does your family think?

The love of my life and I on a hike up Papago Mountain in Tempe, Arizona.
The love of my life and I on a hike up Papago Mountain in Tempe, Arizona.

Completely 180 degrees from how they felt about my move to Phoenix. I see now too, that family will always be there but friends come and go. My immediate family is much more supportive in my move to Oregon though. I will be moving closer to Cassie’s family as we start to plan our own family. I will be closer to Seattle where my oldest brother, my sister-in-law and two nephews currently live. My middle brother and my father visit them more often, so this will give me the opportunity to see them more I hope.

I will find more time for family and vice versa, my family can get to me easier and in a part of the country they find appealing.

No matter what, great things await. This time, I feel much more secure about my decision, my abilities and the reasons for moving away from Phoenix. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to step out of what I planned to be my routine life choice for something a little more magical. Stay tuned as more great updates, pics and stories are to come.

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