Third Time is a Charm, Right? Resolving Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2015

You ate crow due to spam links in 2013 after Panda and Penguin took what sounds like an adorable crap, on your Google rankings the year before. You ignored the signs and held business as usual, or made little effort to change it in 2014. This led to having a manual penalty hit your site … I sit here in the beginning of 2015 still face-palming it as I watch these businesses flop on online marketing due to one big factor. I still get emails in fact from people I have been advising for years – yep, they want some spam links at $45 and they need to have two exact-match keyword links back to the same page, home page of course, and they think Google will NOT find out (again, in most cases I was prompted) Here is the secret: It’s a consumer’s market now. It isn’t about you, or Google, or Panda or Penguin, it isn’t going to be easy, and no longer does $199/mo get you #1 on Google. How much more improved would your customer satisfaction be if you took all the effort on spam link building and plugged it into actually doing work and pleasing your customers? Scary huh?
Face palming polar bear
This poor guy felt the wrath of some penguins as well, so he knows your plight
Google the phrase “why is blogging important” and everything will indicate that it is the most important thing you can do to drive targeted traffic to your site. Any expert will agree and I believe I have made a hefty case about this with everyone who asks my advice on internet marketing. You will see other benefits include those most businesses are trying to achieve: branding, notoriety, acclaim. I played a key decision maker for many accounts for which I worked for and it always started with having a blog or just a few pages . I know many people will say guest blogging is more important in 2015, but if you have yet to establish a content hub you own and have rights to, do  not start putting your content out for others to own what you produce. Choose what to give away and what is worth having on your site.
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