Actually Get Your Outlook 2013 Reminders to Pop-Up Once Again

Outlook 2013 is the program I am using; it comes standard in Windows 7, which is starting to replace XP as the standard in Biz/Gov/Edu use come 2015. If you are also having trouble with your reminders on Outlook popping up on top of your current program, try using the ‘clean reminders’ command prompt.  Then set a test for 5 minutes out to see it worked. Just run it in your windows search bar… AKA The ‘Start Menu’, paste the below command and hit “Enter”. Unless I am mistaken and am not finding it. BUT, you can use a ‘clear reminders’ command very easily.


Just copy the above, and paste it in the Windows Explorer, or what you may know as the “Start Menu”, and hit Enter

WindowsExplorer<—-this thingy in the lower-left corner of your Windows desktop computer.

Note: This does NOT wipe all your reminders, it basically does a manual reset of functions restoring ability for the reminder pop-up to actually pop-up and not open and just be a blinky icon at the bottom tray that I myself never see until I am late for whatever it is.

I also started using ReminderFox, an add-on to Firefox which is fool-proof and put things in my browser also, which I can access via mobile to start the day seeing what I have going instead of bombardment of work email right away. I have desktop Outlook access-only at my place of work, thus forgetting to make it on-time to an appointment or set myself up for a productive day. I typically like to do this before I come through the door so ReminderFox is awesome for this!

ReminderFox Add-On Permalink: (Note, only for FireFox users)

The Firefox ReminderFox Add-On is compliments of @tommut 🙂

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