SEO Services In Portland

SEO Services In Portland

When I think about search marketing, I think about search engines. Google is a search engine as well as Bing and Yahoo!, as I am sure you know by now..

Yandex is the most popular in Russia.

China uses Baidu for searching, which has an Alexa rating of 4, making it the fourth visited website in the world.

Facebook has a search engine, as do Twitter, Instagram and all major social networks these days.

YouTube is a search engine for videos.

Quora is a search engine for questions.

Amazon, a search engine for products.

Pinterest, a search engine for interests and ideas.

In 2017, businesses need to stop the focus on Google alone. SEO today is about all things search, investigation, and discovery and I take a very straight-forward approach to SEO with 6 steps.

#1 – Finding Keyword Groups

I first discover what keyword groups your website can rank for. It would be impossible to rank well for “car reviews” if you are a car dealership with no reviews on your website. Using various SEO tools, I’ll look into what the site ranks for, compile a list of desired keywords to rank for, and determine from there where we can go.

This is delivered in an Excel spreadsheet of compiled keyword groups with mapping to your website’s URLs. 

#2 – Technical Audit

Still today, the largest issue with most websites and their optimization for search engines is crawlability and indexation. You know what you see on your website, but it is not always what a search engine bot can see. I’ll make sure robot tags and sitemaps are all in check, that CSS and Java are externalized and all the other things you don’t have on your radar are in check.

This comes in the form of an SEO audit (PDF) of the website and a full explanation via phone conference/in-person.

#3 – On-Site Optimization

Built on a framework built for a user, in a world all about user-experience, I’ll make sure your website is still search engine friendly as well. Making sure titles tags and meta description are complete, your content is well mapped, your data is structured with schema markup, and all the errors from the audit are cleaned up and/or implemented correctly.

This is in the form of an hourly rate built into a monthly strategy.



You can see we are halfway through my methodology from the diagram above. This is where most SEO companies, consultants and con artists will stop. To some SEOs, it is all a simple website build and a maintenance package of tweaks, your change requests to content from time to time, and a report of rankings that tells you next to nothing.

#4 – Link Detox

Whether you bought an older domain, are cleaning up your link profile from a time when spammy links did SEO magic, or are subject to negative SEO, a link detox is essential. How can you go further with dead, spammy garbage holding your domain back? I will comb through your link profile, finding most of the links to your site, whether good or bad.

Client deliverable is a comprehensive link audit with accompanying disavow file that will be uploaded through your Google Search Console.

  • This service may be less necessary due to the release of Penguin 4.0, which no longer punishes websites for poor links, yet demotes the links from having any affect on PageRank, whether positive or negative.

#5 – Link Discovery

Competitive analysis is always a great starting point, but to push on past your competitors, you will need links that neither they nor you have… at this point anyhow! This is part one of a two-part link building process; finding opportunities and creating linkable assets is essential planning for actually getting those links. This part of the process is similar to the general idea of “content marketing”.

This is in the form of an hourly rate built into a monthly strategy.

More on “content marketing” from some of my favorite SEO experts:

#6 – Link Acquisition

This is the second part (and my favorite part) of the link building process; actually reaching out and asking for the links! Using link management software, I will send link pitches, perform follow-up and ensure we are doing everything we can to get content promoted and getting links inbound.

Read more about my link building services.

This is in the form of an hourly rate built into a monthly strategy. Link accrual cannot be guaranteed as it is highly dependant on your website’s value. This will be discussed in the Link Discovery portion of the methodology.

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