Use IFTTT to Tame, Tackle, and Tune-up Your Twitter

Twitter moves quickly and a lot of people turn away from it due to the microblog’s lightning speed newsfeed. If you are in the business world, it is vital for many reasons. Vastly more than LinkedIn, people are turning to it for growth in their network, to generate leads and drive traffic to their landing pages, and even find business partners and investors. Working it is another language and some marketers and those in sales look for ways to leverage it better and make it shine and produce an ROI. Mostly it comes down to better posts, better overview of your audience (who you follow and who follows you are equally important) and just plain tweeting more.

Basic principle of propositional logic. Also known as “modus tollens”

Twitter has tons of add-ons help you out, but connecting Twitter to other useful apps and other networks through IFTTT makes you a powerful social wizard. IFTTT is a Internet of Things (IoT) tool that stands for “IF This, Than That”. It utilizes basic college statistics I hadn’t thought of in years – “if p, then q“. The tool brews up tweets and making other Twitter actions while other events take place based on the “recipes” instructions.
If you do something, something else will happen in reaction to it. It keeps you engaged where you are at currently, while making progressive moves elsewhere. Get to it later since IFTTT is reposting elsewhere, add data to something, or a number of other actions. You can also use it with other apps to gather data and enhance what you do over time. As a one-man army digital marketer myself, and someone who has used social selling techniques for years, IFTTT saves me a lot when it comes to Twitter marketing. Here are 5 recipes that tame, tackle and tune-up my Twitter activity.

1. Automatically Post your Instagrams as Native Twitter Photos

Pictures and video are the best things you can add to spruce up any post these days. Images capture attention, and as the data will prove, capture clicks to bring them closer into a sales funnel. Many marketers stumble here though. This is a quandary – Instagram, by nature, requires a photo or video to create a post. The following on IG, though growing has a unique market; most users are primarily female, ages 13-25. Twitter is a platform where marketers go often, are familiar with, but the ability to post pictures is an added step, hard to schedule in some third-party tools, like Hootsuite and SocialOomph. This recipe holds the power to post pictures to Twitter natively from your Instagram is priceless. This tweet here was one I posted to my IG and posted beautifully to Twitter with a native picture as you can see.


Native being the keyword here, meaning it is posted right in the feed as if posted directly to Twitter. Typically Twitter will give a shortened link that one can click to go to a separate photo. In the feeds of others, that link is typically lost in the mix. In your analytics, they will be high impression, low click tweets. The awesome part of the recipe too is that while Twitter allows only 140 characters, it will put ellipse to the rest of your content. The short link will take a user to your profile, too, rather than a picture on Twitter (those links).

2. New Twitter Mentions Added to a Google Sheet

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 11.13.36 AM
Sample of recent data on my mentions. Contains who it was, what was said, a link to the tweet itself, timestamp, and the embed code.

Tracking chatter on Twitter is tough, exhaustive work, but necessary for marketers. When people mention me on Twitter, it saves it to a nice little Google Sheet. You will have to alter the recipe for your IFTTT account a bit to get it to mention your handle, hashtag, etc, but you can really do a lot with this recipe and variations of it to do some planning. Being in a spreadsheet is a common medium most business people are comfortable with so it makes Twitter marketing easier I think, to step away from Twitter, if that makes sense. Once they are in a spreadsheet, you can add data like, time, the user’s handle, the message in the tweet, or any links. Use the right formula in the recipe, like I have already, and it plugs that in for you! Now I can see who, what, when and where much easier. It helps me deliver the why and how those visitors seek. Through viewing tweet, some 30-40 in a row with adjacent data tells you who tweets you the most. The recipe cannot capture retweets and favorites, but that easy to reconcile with your Twitter analytics.

If you love Evernote, and I do too, this recipe is very much the same but saves it to Evernote notes, notebooks, etc.

3. Create a Twitter List Based on Favorite Tweets

I am a data-junkie and someone who loves to network online. This recipe takes hold of both and helps me find influencers quickly. I do shut it off from time to time, since the spreadsheets they make become exhaustive to manage but it is great when doing event-style tweeting and getting lots of activity due to the time, place, cause or whatever. This recipe creates a Twitter list of people whose tweets I have favorited. I myself use the favorite tweets feature for tagging important articles, mentions of my handle, or tweets that are worth noting. Again, during an event, especially a live-tweeting event, this list will help you save those people you were engaging with in a separate list. Once you get a couple followers, and for many it is hundreds of thousands, lists help you manage you followers or important users (remember, you do not have to be following someone for them to be on a list). You can review the list later, after the event, and follow, tweet back to, and retweet highlights necessary for follow-up after the event.

4. Save Links from Favorite Tweets to Pocket

Pocket delivers content in an ad-free interface. I recommend it to anyone with a smartphone, social networks, and who reads articles often on their phone, tablet or at work when they should be working.
Pocket delivers content in an ad-free interface. I recommend it to anyone with a smartphone, social networks, and who reads articles often on their phone, tablet or at work when they should be working.

I just picked up this one and I kick myself for not seeing it sooner, but just love it. It too has its time and place, and you need to likely “turn off” the recipe above, or other alike recipes, so as not to overload your inbox, but using a service like Pocket already makes this recipe really nice for those always reading half an article and forget about it. We loss the URL, forget to check back, or whatever it may be, but knowledge is power. I’ll take all the help I can get here! This Twitter to Pocket recipe places the content from a tweet link into your Pocket. Just how Pocket works anyway, but without having to save it through the Twitter app, or open/go to Pocket and manually load the URL you wish to save. This eliminates a step and allows me to curate content faster. Also, given that it helps you rapid fire, means you can sort more and find the best stuff to share. Nothing like a automated quality in the quantitative work you do.

And There Is More Beyond Twitter Too

IFTTT can work with many apps, like SpotifyFacebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and even a multitude of other iOS that I use and Android apps if you carry other mobiles and tablets. If you think it can turn your tweeting around, just imagine what it can do elsewhere. Explore it more for yourself! Here are a few more non-Twitter related recipes that might spark some creative thought 🙂

  • Upload new iOS Photos to Google Drive – Helps to save photos to the cloud if you are low on iPhone storage space. It happens momentarily after the photo is taken. I suggest it turned on only in WiFi.
  • If I Star a Gmail, Create an iOS Reminder – Reminders are my best friend.
  • Get Gmails for Any New Craigslist Search – I used it when looking for work, finding the right used furniture, and even when I was looking to get a golden lab puppy. Just plug in keywords, search on Craigslist and copy the URL into the IFTTT recipe. You will get the latest updates so you can stay on top of whatever you are looking for. Sometimes it is cutthroat “first come, first serve” on Craigslist!
  • If You Leave Home, Notice to Turn Off WiFi – Huge battery suck when your phone is constantly searching for WiFi when there is none. IFTTT will send you a notice itself. You need to ensure you have IFTTT notices turned on and of course the app downloaded for your iPhone. You can create a similar Android based recipe. In fact, I believe there are far more Android recipes than iOS recipes, but I just use Mac and iOS products myself. #MustHaveApple
  • Backup my iOS Contacts to a Google Sheet – Ever lost your phone and all your contacts? NEVER again post to Facebook and spend an afternoon replugging in contacts! You can even import contacts via the spreadsheet. May have to download it to an Excel or Number sheet from a Google Sheet, but that is native to Google Products so it is a snap either way.
  • Create a Pinterest Pin When You Post to WordPress – Post needs a cover photo, or one image though, since Pinterest is image-based. Auto-centers the pic and creates a pin and can even place it to a specific board for you. This recipe takes my #NASA tagged WordPress posts and pins them to my Final Frontier Pinterest board for easy promotion of my favorite space pictures.Choose from the most used tags

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